Exclusive: Campaign Season Arroyo Mailing Violates Rules

Look what came in the mail to residents and future residents of the 17th Council District. This is a photo of an “Update” newsletter that was sent to thousands of voters. As you can see it is from City Council member Maria del Carmen Arroyo, who is also a candidate for City Council.illegal arroyo mailer

There are serious regulations about how and when lawmakers can use public dollars to send mail if they’re running in an upcoming election.

The newsletter contains four photographs showing Arroyo. But the rules do not allow this. According to NYCCFB rules, it is prohibited, whenever it is sent.

On the NYCCFB’s web site, on the page titled “2013 Restrictions on the use of Government Resources”, it says:

Even if they fall into one of the above exceptions, mass mailings distributed within 90 days of an election using government resources must not:
• Contain a picture of a candidate

Her mailer hasFOUR of her/

• Contain campaign-related, electioneering, or promotional language

Just read it.

• Contain contact information for the public servant’s campaign

She does not even have a website.

• Be distributed outside of the public servant’s district or covered area

It was mailed it seems to current and future voters of the 17th District.

The City Council Speaker office appears to coordinate and create these mailers and send them. Is Quinn violating elections rules on a massive scale? And Arroyo get away with yet another indiscretion?

2013 Restrictions on the Use of Government Resources

With thanks about Letitia James doing the same thing too:


2 thoughts on “Exclusive: Campaign Season Arroyo Mailing Violates Rules

  1. It’s legally permissible. Read the CFB exceptions re “budget” & “other geographic areas”. Mailer clearly states in boldprint: “BUDGET” in 3 separate places.

    It’s legal but like all things rotten, it stink.

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