Exclusive: Wives of Developers give Thousands to Arroyo

2013 City Council Campaign, Maria del Carmen Arroyo contributers:

Here we list just the top donors of over $1,000, and let you know about some information sent to us.

This post will explore a number of “homemaker” and “House wife” donors who gave over that amount, read more to see why that might raise some questions despite the important work of taking care of family and home.

According to the law Employment and Business Dealings with the City have to be disclosed by Contributors.

If the husband of a wife who is a real estate developer with projects that need funding and approval from the City Council donates instead of her then he does not have to make the same disclosures.

Things that make you go hhhhmmmm.

Touran Weissman is married to Neil Weissman who is the head of the Jackson Development Group who partner with Peter Fine and his ATLANTIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP and is also a principal with M&B Capital Ltd. She is listed as donating $1,000 to the current campaign and is listed as a “Housewife”, is this a way to evade scrutiny of the favors done for the developer?

Neil Weissman himself donated $250. Joshua Weissman gave $500. And employee Guido Subotovsky gave $400, he is also President of Azimuth Development Group LLC. And also the brother of Hugo Subotovsky, the Architect that did free work and was not paid by former Borough President Adolfo Carrion leading to a $10,000 fine and scandal and Carrion leaving DC to haunt the Bronx again.

Sandy Rad of Oyster Bay is listed as a “Homemaker” and donated $1000 to Arroyo’s campaign. Jacob Rad, her husband and President of Amber II LLC is listed as donating $250. In 2008 Jacob did contribute $2750. Over the years he has changed his stated Affiliation between Jackson Development, Amber Consulting Corp., Amber II LLC, and just leaving it blank.

Another Rad, Benika Rad of Great Neck Long Island is also another listed “Homelaker” who donated $4,000 to Ruben Diaz on May 18, 2012. There are a number of Rad’s that contribute generously to the Bronx politicians.
The interlocking and different names and entities and attributions are meant to deter people from finding out the truth and seeing the level of connection and corruption going on in the Bronx.

Fort Independence Neighborhood Association researched some of these dealings of the RAds and the Weissmans years ago.
They link to articles and lists of donations in the tens of thousands of dollars influencing development then.

Amalie Ceen from Manhattan, is listed as a “Housewife” too. How does her interest in Arroyo come about?

Maybe because her husband is Adam Melnick and according to the NYTimes his father is an owner of M. Melnick & Company Building Construction in the Bronx, which specializes in lucrative developments.

The clients of M. Melnick &; Company include South Bronx Community Management Corporation
and Neighborhood Association for Inter-Cultural Affairs, Inc NAICA. You read about NAICA recently who hired Arroyo’s nephew Ricardo Izquierdo as a Social Worker of some sort, but they did not disclose his qualifications or salary rumored to be over $80,000, the one who did not snitch and took the blame for the scandal of corruption and did a year in jail for stealing public money to help himself and his political family. Has he paid the restitution he was sentenced to do? We’ll let other reporters look into that too. NAICA also gets public money. Not incidentaly Melnick and Company’s other client is the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council, founded by creepy perv corrupt Vito Lopez, and even he runs on. This is how it goes down, the big time developers and real estate interests get some local puppets, buy the local elected officials with bones jobs here and there and manage the empire and they get their zoning and millions in public funding from our money with no scrutiny.

And the South Bronx Community Management Corporation? Maria del Carmen Arroyo lists on her resume a stint as it’s “Volunteer” Executive Director. It is where Izquierdo embezzled the money. It is described as a “slumlord” by the Village Voice. By the way, Madelyn Lugo was and is the Controller for South Bronx Community Management Company Inc. The one who oversees the finances.

She is also Chair of the National Puerto Rican Day Parade, in the news recently for accepting culturally insensitive advertising with Coors Light and being unable to account for tens of thousands of dollars. The Attorney General has launched an investigation.

Arroyo also tried to get South Bronx Community Management to take over a HUD property that another of her high level contributors at Fox y Garcia Management let deteriorate, with the involvement of NAICA. That whole story is covered in Crain’s.

There are so many things wrong here. Every angle and person leads to a whole new direction and den of thieves. Investigate and report. Send more tips.


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