Stanley Schlein Works Free for Arroyos, Illegal Contribution?

++If you do not know who Stanley Schlein is, google his name and see.++

Things are moving fast. Tips fly in from every corner of the Bronx. People have had enough. We simply cannot keep up with all the tips and information. Dozens every day. Fraud, corruption, family perversions, the list goes on. And some people do not need to be involved. But one for sure does.

Stanley Schlein.wpid-13741087011092

No comment from Stanley Schlein in today’s article about more Arroyo fraud.

as he represents Council Member Arroyo in Court against challenges of fraud and forgery.

He is the family lawyer and Bronx Democratic Party consigliere who represented the mother Assembly Member Arroyo in Court last year against similar allegations of fraud and electioneering.

A gentleman of the lowest caliber, he donated his legal work to the Assembly Member. According to a New York State Board of Elections
Expenditure Search never paid by her campaign according to NYS financial disclosure documents for his extensive work:

from 2011 to present no expenditures to him, though he is known to cost at least over ten thousand dollars or more.

In fact there are 0 dollars expenditures on legal fees despite a State Supreme Court case and NYS Appellate Court case she had to defend. Think Stanley Schlein filed papers and appealed in both Courts for free?

Does he work for the Arroyo’s for free?

According to the NYTimes The Jets paid him $450 an hour, and that was in 2005.


If not, why no expenditure to him last year?

In comparison, James Vacca’s campaign paid him $6,000 between May and July of this year.
Helen Foster paid him over $8,000 between 2009 and 2010. Bill De Blasio has paid him over $20,000 in the last few years. BENEDETTO FOR ASSEMBLY had to pay $6000 for last year’s service at the same time Arroyo was running. For legal challenges STANLEY K SCHLEIN, ESQ was paid over $16,000 by CARLUCCI FOR NEW YORK in 2012. See the pattern?

But Arroyo did pay him in 2009 $500.

In the last couple of years he has made 254,932.16 in election work and

Is he filing his taxes with proper payments?

It has been rumored as a joke or real that the nearly $30,000 in Casino winnings that the Assembly Member filed late in violation of JCOPE rules were money she paid him and she was concerned that he was going to declare it as a payment from her on his taxes.

Stanley Schlein is one of the figures behind the massive corruption and destruction of the Bronx.

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