Arroyo and Wedtech and more Financial Non-Disclosures and Romney Donor

Sabino Fogliano’s family still has some cash left over even after being found guilty of felonies concealing money in six bank accounts in connection with the notorious Wedtech scandal of the Bronx politics. He was the witness for the prosecution too.

It is an interesting note since reports of the Senior Arroyo’s recent and late declaration of almost $30,000 in alleged casino winnings in violation of State Ethics timeframe, Fogliano used the Wedtech money to pay “large casino debts”.

He gave CM Arroyo’s campaign $2750.

Rella M. Fogliano, which we could not confirm was his daughter or another relation, is the President of MacQuesten Development, LLC, she also also gave $2750. That’s $5,500 total.

Neither one of them has disclosed any employer on the financial disclosure forms as required. Yet her MacQuesten Development has millions of dollars in business dealings with the City. You may say well CM Arroyo cannot know every single person who donates to her, even if it was $2750, so how could she know the employer?

Look, here they are together cutting the ribbon on a very large use of public funds.

Just one project alone was $26.6 million, the Rev. Dr. Fletcher C. Crawford Apartments included this package of City and State funding:
The development was funded through HDC’s (LAMP) Program. HDC provided $13.4M in tax-exempt bonds for the construction financing, $3.6M from its corporate reserves and $4.6M in subsidy. HPD contributed $2.8 million through the Low-Income Rental Income Program and $2.1 million in HOME funds; NYS Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) contributed $3.7 million in Homes for Working Families (HWF) and provided $8.7 million provided in Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Equity.

Now, in case you think that she cares about the poor and working class, and is helping out in the Bronx because she is very compassionate and sincere, she donated $2500 to…. Mitt Romney for President in 2011. So that is how these people are. You cannot make this up.

But some come cheap. Rella Fogliano gave Cuomo’s campaign $36,000. Which certainly helps in the decision of millions of dollars in public bonds and funding for the various developments in NYC and Westchester they are profiting on.

Of course she is of a certain caliber, of a restaurant she said: “The bouillabaisse was light. Tasty but light. The wine by the glass did not have a great selection.”


The U.S. Witness in Wedtech Case Admits He Concealed Income
Published: October 14, 1988

A Westchester County contractor who testified last summer for the prosecution in the Wedtech trial pleaded guilty yesterday to state charges that he failed to report more than $8.5 million in personal and corporate income from 1984 to 1986.

The contractor, Sabino Fogliano, 62 years old, owner of the Sabin Construction Company, was said to have concealed the money in six bank accounts that prosecutors asserted were used to pay for personal expenses, including large casino debts.

A spokeswoman for Mr. Kuriansky, Sonya Hoover, said Mr. Fogliano was scheduled to be sentenced next March 1. The counts against him and his company are felonies, each punishable by up to four years in prison or, for the corporation, a fine of up to $250,000.

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