Arroyo links to another Appellate Judge Clark, should she have recused too?


*Judge Darcell Clark gave thousands of dollars to the same organization Maria del Carmen Arroyo is a member of

*the same organization who’s head counsel is the partner of Maria del Carmen Arroyo’s lawyer

*received money from the head of same organization Maria del Carmen Arroyo is a member of

and did not recuse herself?

Judge Darcell Clark, appointed to the Appellate First Division by Governor Cuomo in November of last year is in her first full election season on the bench where their role is to turn back any appeals that make it from the Supreme Court in the Bronx.

Judge Clark speaking before organization that Heastie gives thousands of dollars too

Judge Clark speaking before organization that Heastie gives thousands of dollars too

The Appellate Judges are appointed, but prior to that they all had to run for election in their boroughs and turf, with all the political baggage that comes with it. Judge Clark may have some good decisions under her belt, but election law is something else and subservience and deference to the Party bosses is expected.

Panel where Howard Vargas, Stanley Schlein's partner speaks

Panel where Howard Vargas, Stanley Schlein’s partner speaks

Judge Clark has for over a decade been backed by Assembly Member Carl Heastie, and the relationships are reciprocal.

We are not only referring to the recent reports in the NYTimes and elsewhere, just weeks ago, that Mr. Heastie will back her for Bronx District Attorney, and oust the currently much embattled DA Robert Johnson. To get such a nod from the Party don one has to be deeply enmeshed in the electoral party system.

There are varied views on her, Judge Clark has been called a “Johnson clone

But here is another take on the push to get rid of DA Johnson, in the article that mentions that Johnson is the only DA Working with the U.S. Attorney to Go After Albany Politicians.

So we know clearly that Judge Darcel Clarke is in the good graces of Carl Heastie, he is the head of the Bronx Democratic Committee that BOTH Arroyos, the Assembly Member and the Council Member are part of.

Heastie was a donor to her campaign of over $1,000.

For her election to a 14 year Supreme Court term Judge Clark has given around $3000 to that organization.

Judge Clark gives $3000 to organization Arroyo is part of, and does not recuse herself

Judge Clark gives $3000 to organization Arroyo is part of, and does not recuse herself

To be clear, Judge Darcell Clark has given $3000 to an organization a defendant before her is part of!!!

Stanley Schlein is of course the lawyer defending fraud and other charges against current Council Member Maria del Carmen Arroyo. Less known is his bag man,buddy and partner in crime, Howard Vargas, Esq. Mr. Vargas is also the Counsel to the Bronx Democratic Party, among many other “jobs”.

Stanley Schlein's partner Howard Vargas, formerly of the TLC

Stanley Schlein’s partner Howard Vargas, formerly of the TLC

In his role at the Bronx Democratic Party he is also the screener and counsel for the so called “Independent Judicial Screening Committee of the Bronx Democratic County Committee”. This means he screens all the applications, with sensitive information, for Judicial candidates in the Bronx.

Arroyo's lawyer's partner Vargas reviews the applications of the Judges themselves

Arroyo’s lawyer’s partner Vargas reviews the applications of the Judges themselves

It is well known and well researched and reported that Mr. Vargas is part of a cabal of crooked and connected Bronx lawyers that profit off of foreclosures and estates by assignments given to them by… the Bronx Judges they help elect and pick!

Over $300,000 thanks to judicial appointments

Over $300,000 thanks to judicial appointments

According to the Village Voice “There was the construction worker, brain-damaged from an accident, whose family could never get hold of Schlein when they needed him so that they could spend money from a lawsuit settlement to buy a wheelchair and clothes. Schlein somehow let a condo the victim owned go into foreclosure and be sold at auction. At the same time, he steered legal work from the estate to his friends in the Democratic Party.
vargas Howard R. Vargas, a former commissioner of the Taxi and Limousine Commission, was awarded $28,000 for three cases.

More on this aspect shows, “Carl Heastie, chair of the Bronx Democrats, is barred from work as a court-appointed attorney, but Mr. Dinowitz, the county party’s second-in-command, is not. Howard Vargas, the party counsel, is also free to receive appointments… Both men are popular with certain judges.”

“But Howard Vargas, with long-standing ties to Bronx Democrats, is a cautionary tale of what can happen when politics trumps competence. With Mr. Vargas as the receiver, five buildings have been added to the city’s list of most distressed properties. Many tenants in buildings like 2239 Creston Ave. in Fordham Heights live in squalor while Mr. Vargas collects up to 5 percent of their rent. Despite his troubling performance, Mr. Vargas never seems to have trouble landing more appointments. ”

Assembly Member Carl Heastie has been paying Stanley Schlein’s partner Howard Vargas over $20,000 in 2011-2012 and in the first half of 2013 already $20,000 for “part time work” six months in 2013 alone as a Legislative Advisor.

More on the intimate relationships?

Heastie regularly gives thousands of dollars gives money to the 47th Precinct Community Council, not only from our public monies but from his private campaign funds, buying tickets to their events for over a decade, quite the relationship.

Here is the judge interviewed at the 47th Precinct Community Council breakfast this year, where she was honored on the panel.

Lest you think the DA thing is one example of relationships…

Heastie was previous going to back Clark for Surrogate Judge in the Bronx in 2012, but he supported Justice Gonzalaez, and she later is the one who made all the appointments to Bronx Democratic connected lawyers for foreclosures and estate in the papers that made all the latest controversy.

As Bob Kapsterrer wrote:

“Looks like a reverse play – or (mea culpa) bad sourcing on the party pick for Bronx Surrogate. Our “Weak Throat” had us writing Party Boss Carl Heastie was measuring Bronx Supreme Court Justice Darcel Clark for judicial robes for the plum job. But when petitioning kicked off June 5, the party had Acting Supreme Court Justice Nelida Malave-Gonzalez on their list for the job, which assigns (we assume party-loyal) lawyers to administer (at handsome fees) the estates of persons who die without wills.”

And about the current plan that would call for Mr. Johnson to step down in September, after the Bronx Democratic Party’s judicial nominating convention, at which Mr. Heastie would push for Mr. Johnson to appear on the party line for the November election. The state’s complicated election and public officers law would then allow the Bronx Democratic County Committee, led by Mr. Heastie, to select Justice Clark to appear on the ballot as the party’s candidate for district attorney without her having to win a primary.”

Judge Darcel Clark is a product of the Bronx Democratic Party.

Judge Clark, head bowed

Judge Clark, head bowed

And is even now in current times discussed as a candidate for office by the head of the very organization a member is before her in Court.
Elections talk, party politics, campaign contributions,all current. Not grounds for recusal?

Oh and the 47th Precinct is where Ramarley Graham was shot and killed.

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