Arroyo and DA Johnson, where is the investigation into fraud?

The defense of almost former Council Member Maria del Carmen Arroyo for the fraud that permeated her petitions was that she did not do it.  She is so shameless did it again at the NY1 debate so shameless is she.  It has been weeks since the DA allegedly received a complaint and allegedly is investigating.


She admitted to the fraud in this article here.


1   Even though she gave the petitions out.

2   She paid the people involved thousands of dollars.

3   It was operated out of her nephew Richard Izquierdo and his boyfriend and Assembly Member Chief of Staff Ricardo Cosme’s personal home, he who embezzled $200,000 and took the fall for the rest of them.  And yet to pay restitution (reporter’s anywhere?).

Arroyo with buddy DA Johnson

Arroyo with buddy DA Johnson

It is reported she was involved in getting the people she reported to the Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson there, multiple, affordable apartments.


She and DA Johnson are good friends,  she can just ask him how the coverup is going!  “Make sure it is not settled before the election Robert, and you will be a Judge soon”

Diaz Johnson Arroyo

Diaz Johnson Arroyo

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