Carmen Arroyo $13,000 Travelgate, $50,000 for “mail”, gets reimbursed for work night before Thanksgiving

Albany reimbursements are the source of ongoing regular controversy that just does not seem to get fixed.  Sheldon Silver racked up over $20,000 in bills jetting around.

Arroyo received over $13,000 for “travel” to and from Albany and stipends for working in Albany.  Even the night before Thanksgiving!

What about Assembly Member Carmen Arroyo’s travelgate?20090526a

From April to September 2012, the latest dates available she was paid $6,662 in travel stipends.  With a lot of Fridays claimed as a workday in Albany for her, hhhmmm.

She also spends $25,000!! of our money in mail for that period.

For October 1, 2011 – March 31, 2012

Over $7,427 in travel and legislative work stipend money from tax payers.

Again over $25,000 for mailing in six short months, including a time during a contested Primary election.

Let’s look at a few dates:  11-23 -11

Arroyo puts in for TWO reimbursements, this also happens to be the night before Thanksgiving Day, lots of work in Albany to do?

December 15 a Wednesday  for $557 and December-21, a Thursday amidst holiday times, hardly active times in the Assembly!

Curious about the facts? Look here for proof.

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