Council Members Arroyo and Viverito in Open War

Two former Latina Council Members allies are in open war with one kicked off the stage at a street naming ceremony in the Bronx.

Here is a letter submitted to the NYCCFB as evidence:


Aurora Flores gave a tribute to Yomo Toro on Bronx Net.

The street naming was a section of Ogden Ave. and 162nd St. in the Highbridge section of the Bronx that was renamed Yomo Toro Place to commemorate the late musician’s long and accomplished career. Playing with with Hector Lavoe.

Maria del Carmen Arroyo’s support for crony Ralina Cardona has led to a clear break with Melissa Mark Viverito, council members who represent bordering districts.  Both District were significantly redistricted last year and both find themselves in new territory.

Arroyo has created the opportunity to back a Bronx candidate for the now Bronx majority Council DIstrict 8.  The Arroyo’s also knocked off the only other Bronx candidate from the ballot to clear the field, more in a future post. She is also backing Carlos Sierra in the 16th District, trying to create an Arroyo block in the Bronx, in an effort to have political backing to stave off looming investigations and prosecutions.

Viverito has previously donated hundreds of dollars to the Arroyo’s during her rise.arroyoviverito

In New York City Campaign Finance Board filings to justify the large payment of public money she received, Viverito cited the Arroyo support for Cardona as the main reason for a ling term incumbent to need the tens of thousands of dollars.

Cfdona sharing the

Cardona at left sharing the stage with Viverito at right at Debate.

Her request and pages of supporting documents were filed by big time lobbyists Pitta Bishop Del Giorno & Giblin LLC, who represent primarily unions but is involved in a controversy.


According to DNA, Viverito is using the same consulting firm as a real estate company opposed to the East 91st Street Marine Transfer Station — the controversial trash handling location that has been an environmental issues for years.  The garbage from that area now goes to the Districts Viverito and Arroyo  represent.

Since 2009, Glenwood Management,  real estate interests with many buildings near the trash transfer project that Giuliani closed and will soon be open again  paid the Viverito lobbying firm $650,000!

Photocopy of Photo in NYCCFB showing Arroyo's on stage without Viverito.

Photocopy of Photo in NYCCFB showing Arroyo’s on stage without Viverito.


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