Matching funds are 6 to 1 and Maria del Carmen Arroyo has been paying her husband Ricardo Aguirre more than half all her campaign money. Is that what people donated for?

She finally got released over $33,000 in public monies from the #NYCCFB despite missing the employment infromation for dozens of contributers, which is a violation.

Now, to capture all the money possible, she files 4 50 cent parking meter fee.

She also filed for a parking fee for a meeting at the Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson where she allegedly filed a complaint against three of her paid campaign workers for fraud.

Has there been any follow-up from the DA? No. Has there been any follow-up in the newspapers? Not yet.

So she reports 50 cents in a parking fee but does not report payroll taxes for her campaign workers that she allegedly filed a  complaint against.

Even Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr has filed for Payroll taxes for her workers.

Does the NYCCCFB look into any of this?

But no payroll taxes for campaign workers.

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