Arroyo Paid Election Workers Since at least 2009, but “couldn’t pick them out of a line up.”

“I couldn’t pick them out of a line up,” Arroyo said, even though Julien has worked for the Councilwoman for more than a decade and Lopez said Arroyo personally handed him his paycheck.payments

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Arroyo Paid Election Workers Since at least 2009, but “couldn’t pick them out of a line up.”

“I couldn’t pick them out of a line up,” Arroyo said, even though Julien has worked for the Councilwoman for more than a decade and Lopez said Arroyo personally handed him his paycheck.payments

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Is Luis Vargas related to Howard Vargas? Corrupt Judges Kept Arroyo on Ballot

Recall how the State Supreme Court and the Appellate Court ruled to keep Maria del Carmen Arroyo on the ballot despite obvious fraud that has led to at least three of her campaign workers being arrested.

As revealed on this website a court lawyer for the Appellate Court donated $2500 to the council member’s campaign.

And the Council Member’s husband is shown being sworn in by one of the Judges.

Judge Sallie Manzanet- Daniels swearing in Puerto Rican Bar Association Board Members, including Ricardo Aguirre at the far left, Maria del Carmen Arroyo's husband.

Judge Sallie Manzanet- Daniels swearing in Puerto Rican Bar Association Board Members, including Ricardo Aguirre at the far left, Maria del Carmen Arroyo’s husband.

Another Judge paid  Howard Vargas almost $15,000 for campaigning.

Luis Gonzalez, the presiding justice of New York’s Appellate Court, the court that upheld Arroyo staying on the ballot.   His daughter apparent,y has a nepotism job in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

According to the Riverdale Press, Mr. Vargas, is a lawyer with the Bronx Democratic Party,that has received $350,000 in fees due to a constant stream of court-appointed positions.

Mr. Vargas is on the executive board of the Bronx Democratic  Committee, of which Arroyo herself  is a member.  All in the family.


The COMMITTEE TO RE-ELECT JUSTICE LUIS A. GONZALEZ actually paid the Arroyo family New Horizon Democratic Club for campaigning for him.comm

And it is no wonder they kept her on the ballot.

Is Luis Vargas related to Howard Vargas?  That might explain how they get a couple of those low income affordable apartments.

Three people have been arrested in a fraud investigation centered around a campaign for City Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo. The campaign workers were arrested for allegedly filing false petitions.

The Bronx district attorney’s website announced the arrests. According to reports, Elbin Lopez, Betty Julien and Luis Vargas were hired by Arroyo’s campaign to gather signatures on petitions to get her name in the Democratic primary for her 2013 re-election to City Council.

Arroyo Fraud Case Violated Code of Judicial Conduct

The state supreme court and the Appellate Court kept Arroyo on the ballot.


Some codes of conduct:


The judge knows that the judge or the judge’s spouse, or a person
known by the judge to be within the fourth degree of relationship to either of them, or the spouse of such a person, is acting as a lawyer in the proceeding.

The Stanley Schlein Vargas legal team are clearly within the fourth degree with all the Bronx familia.

Adopted by the New York State Bar Association

Seems someone who donated to the Arroyo campaign violates:

Judge’s staff. A judge shall prohibit members of the judge’s staff who are the
judge’s personal appointees from engaging in the following political activity:
(1) holding an elective office in a political organization, except as a delegate to
a judicial nominating convention or a member of a county committee other than the executive committee of a county committee;
(2) contributing, directly or indirectly, money or other valuable consideration in amounts exceeding $500 in the aggregate during any calendar year to all political campaigns for political office, and other partisan political activity including, but not limited to, the purchasing of tickets to political functions, except that this $500 limitation shall not apply to an appointee’s contributions to his or her own campaign. Where an appointee is a candidate for judicial office, reference also shall be made to appropriate sections of the Election Law

Award giver to Justice Sallie Manzanet-Daniels with husband of Maria del Carmen Arroyo

Appellate Court Lawyer Employee who donated $2500 to Arroyo with Arroyo’s husband.

. Here is Justice Manzanet getting the award from big Arroyo Donor

Appellate Court Lawyer Employee who donated $2500 to Arroyo with Judge.

A second opinion on on it.

Assembly Member Arroyo Claims Travel Expenditures When Assembly Not In Session

The Assembly Expenditures April to September 2013 link is found on their website:

(Helpfully rotated 90 degrees by Mr. Silver’s staff  for easy reading lol)

Two claims for one day April 8, 2013.

Friday May 3, 2013 claim, but no Assembly session.

Wednesday  May 15, 2013 claim, but no Assembly session.

Friday May 31, 2013 claim, but no Assembly session.

Monday July 8, 2013 claim, but Summer Vacation time for Assembly.

Friday July 12, 2013 claim, but Summer Vacation time for Assembly.





None of the Committees she is on have notices regarding any of these days.  Some of them go years in between Notices on their websites, for example:


Matching funds are 6 to 1 and Maria del Carmen Arroyo has been paying her husband Ricardo Aguirre more than half all her campaign money. Is that what people donated for?

She finally got released over $33,000 in public monies from the #NYCCFB despite missing the employment infromation for dozens of contributers, which is a violation.

Now, to capture all the money possible, she files 4 50 cent parking meter fee.

She also filed for a parking fee for a meeting at the Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson where she allegedly filed a complaint against three of her paid campaign workers for fraud.

Has there been any follow-up from the DA? No. Has there been any follow-up in the newspapers? Not yet.

So she reports 50 cents in a parking fee but does not report payroll taxes for her campaign workers that she allegedly filed a  complaint against.

Even Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr has filed for Payroll taxes for her workers.

Does the NYCCCFB look into any of this?

But no payroll taxes for campaign workers.

Arroyo Supporter Was knocked off the Ballot with only 90 Valid Signatures

We all know the Derek Jeter Scandal, but did you know that Awilda Cordero tried to get on the ballot in the 13th City Council District in the Bronx.


The Arroyo crew from South Bronx has a slate of Cardona in the 8th, Sierra in the 15th and batting anti-clean-up is Arroyo herself in the 17th.


“In the13th council district candidate Irene Estrada was ruled to have 104 valid signatures, and candidate Awilda Cordero was ruled to have 90 valid signatures knocking both off the ballot.”


Did Thurman Munson sign for her?


Another Crooked Arroyo Supporter Robbing from the Poor

Angel in a Mercedes

With quotes by Richard Izquierdo.  She is driving that Mercedes around hustling for the Arroyo crew of Hunt’s Point and Melrose.

Angel in a Mercedes 

She raises funds after tragedies, but nobody keeps track of the cash


The silver Mercedes rolled up to the scene of the city’s deadliest residential fire in nearly four decades.

A Hispanic woman with a caring face stepped out and positioned herself near the gutted building on Woodycrest Ave. in the Bronx. She then began pleading for prayers and collecting money on behalf of an immigrant family that had lost five children in the deadly blaze.


Awilda Cordero is a charity worker, and like the rescue workers and reporters who moved around her after the March 7 fire, she is a regular at the city’s worst tragedies.

“This is my life,” Cordero said on a recent day. “If I’m not helping, I’m not happy.”

But for everyone she has helped – including the family of Nixzmary Brown, the 7-year-old Brooklyn girl allegedly beaten to death last year by her stepfather – Cordero has never filed a single financial document detailing her charitable work, the Daily News has learned.

Cordero’s nonprofit group Emergency Rights is not registered with the state attorney general’s office, as required by state law, officials said.

A spokesman for Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said state authorities plan to contact Emergency Rights to remind them to fill out the proper forms.

Without the documentation, there is no firm way to know how much money Cordero’s Bronx-based group has raised or how the contributions were used.

Arthur Harris, a spokesman for Cuomo, said while state law requires charities to register with the office “a lot of times, charities don’t know.”

Cordero said that is exactly what happened.

“I never knew I had to do that,” she said. “I plan to do it soon.”

Emergency Rights, which operates out of a small office between a tattoo parlor and a shipping store on E. 149th St., does have nonprofit status from the Internal Revenue Service, Cordero said. But the group has never filed any records because charities with revenues less than $25,000 are not required to do so.

Cordero created Emergency Rights about 10 years ago after leaving her job as an assistant to Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo (D-Bronx).

She began the charity operation by collecting clothes and goods for fire victims, and steadily became involved with more high-profile cases.

Cordero’s good deeds have given her access to political and community leaders. Framed photos in her office show her standing alongside former President Bill Clinton and his wife, Sen. Hillary Clinton, as well as Gov. Spitzer and the Rev. Al Sharpton.

“She’s very in your face, and sometimes it can be a little overwhelming,” said Richard Izquierdo, Arroyo’s chief of staff.

“But when you come to understand her, you see that her heart is in the right place.”

And don’t be misled by her Mercedes or her high-powered pals, Cordero said.

“I came from the poor and that’s what I always will be,” she said. “That’s me.”
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As of this writing there are no filings available online with the IRS and the Mercedes keeps rolling rolling rolling.

Council Members Arroyo and Viverito in Open War

Two former Latina Council Members allies are in open war with one kicked off the stage at a street naming ceremony in the Bronx.

Here is a letter submitted to the NYCCFB as evidence:


Aurora Flores gave a tribute to Yomo Toro on Bronx Net.

The street naming was a section of Ogden Ave. and 162nd St. in the Highbridge section of the Bronx that was renamed Yomo Toro Place to commemorate the late musician’s long and accomplished career. Playing with with Hector Lavoe.

Maria del Carmen Arroyo’s support for crony Ralina Cardona has led to a clear break with Melissa Mark Viverito, council members who represent bordering districts.  Both District were significantly redistricted last year and both find themselves in new territory.

Arroyo has created the opportunity to back a Bronx candidate for the now Bronx majority Council DIstrict 8.  The Arroyo’s also knocked off the only other Bronx candidate from the ballot to clear the field, more in a future post. She is also backing Carlos Sierra in the 16th District, trying to create an Arroyo block in the Bronx, in an effort to have political backing to stave off looming investigations and prosecutions.

Viverito has previously donated hundreds of dollars to the Arroyo’s during her rise.arroyoviverito

In New York City Campaign Finance Board filings to justify the large payment of public money she received, Viverito cited the Arroyo support for Cardona as the main reason for a ling term incumbent to need the tens of thousands of dollars.

Cfdona sharing the

Cardona at left sharing the stage with Viverito at right at Debate.

Her request and pages of supporting documents were filed by big time lobbyists Pitta Bishop Del Giorno & Giblin LLC, who represent primarily unions but is involved in a controversy.


According to DNA, Viverito is using the same consulting firm as a real estate company opposed to the East 91st Street Marine Transfer Station — the controversial trash handling location that has been an environmental issues for years.  The garbage from that area now goes to the Districts Viverito and Arroyo  represent.

Since 2009, Glenwood Management,  real estate interests with many buildings near the trash transfer project that Giuliani closed and will soon be open again  paid the Viverito lobbying firm $650,000!

Photocopy of Photo in NYCCFB showing Arroyo's on stage without Viverito.

Photocopy of Photo in NYCCFB showing Arroyo’s on stage without Viverito.